What is behavioral Health

What Is Behavioral Healthcare?

Behavioral healthcare is a whole-person approach to helping addicted individuals and their families become and stay healthy. At Mindful Urgent Care, we seek out the root causes of alcohol and drug problems and provide tools for sustained recovery and healthy living. In carrying out this work, we evaluate, using the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s criteria, we carefully and continually assess patients using six dimensions:

Past and current experiences of substance abuse and withdrawal

Health history and current physical conditions

Thoughts, emotions and mental health issues

Readiness and interest in changing

Relationship with relapses or continued use or problems

Recovery or living situation, and the surrounding people, places and things

Treat the patient and the family

Our patient-centered treatment includes the whole system: the addict and his or her circle of support. We believe the patient is the family and the family is the patient.

Treat multiple addictions and
Addiction Interaction Disorder

which may involve sex addiction, gambling problems, or work addiction) with the belief that untreated addiction causes relapse.

Treat co-occurring disorders

such as anxiety, depression, trauma, personality disorders, and other problems that could be fueling addictive behaviors

Address each person’s
unique needs

We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. We create individualized treatment plans for each patient’s specific situation.