Today Is The First Day Of Recovery

You can accept help for your addiction today and begin the road to reclaiming your life. You need only put yourself first and reach out for the help you deserve.
Mindful Urgent Care is here to guide you to the other side of your addiction treatment. A more peaceful, healthy life is in your future and the process begins today.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Leads To Wellness

Our holistic approach to addiction treatment pivots around evidence based care.  Our proven methods have helped hundreds of people break free from their addiction.
Behavioral approaches that engage you in your treatment and provide rewards for progress. This helps retrain the brain, refocus your attitude and behavior surrounding your substance abuse. Additionally, behavioral treatment teaches coping skills to help you deal with challenges and triggers in the future.

Addiction Wears Many Faces

Addiction comes in many forms, so we consider anything that felt good to do at first but no longer brings you pleasure as a potential for addiction. This is particularly true if you also experience negative consequences as a result of your addiction.
Common addictive behaviors and substances include alcohol, gambling, drugs, sex, and food.

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