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Grief is one of the most difficult and overwhelming experiences that you'll ever face, so it's understandable that you need support and help navigating through this challenging time in your life. At Mindful Urgent Care in West Hempstead, Midtown, and the Financial District in New York, the compassionate care providers are experts in the field of psychiatry, so they know exactly how to support and guide you through this time. Book your appointment online or by phone today.

Grief Q & A


What is grief?

Grief is the feeling you have after a loss, such as a death, divorce, or other loss. Each individual has a different way of processing loss. It's important to understand that your feelings are valid and that grieving is normal.

Grief is so painful and difficult because you've suffered a very real loss. Grief has stages, and everyone moves through those stages in their own way.

How long is it normal to grieve?

There's really no normal time frame when it comes to grief since it's so unique for everyone. If your grief doesn't start to subside after some time, and it's so overwhelming that it's debilitating, it may be what is medically termed complicated grief or persistent complex bereavement disorder.

Complicated grief shares many characteristics with depression, and it may even occur at the same time as depression, but it's a unique disorder that your Mindful Urgent Care psychiatrist diagnoses separately. In general, your psychiatrist may diagnose you with complicated grief if you struggle with intense grief for more than 12 months. Your psychiatrist makes a complicated grief diagnosis only after a comprehensive exam and testing.

How is grief treated?

Grief treatment is completely unique to the individual and the situation. Your treatment may include one or more of the following:


Not all grief sufferers need medication, but it's often helpful for complicated grief sufferers. Antidepressants may help, especially in patients also diagnosed with depression.


Your psychiatrist helps through individual therapy. They may also recommend support groups so you can spend time with others who are going through intense grief themselves. Through various types of therapy, you'll learn how to release lingering negative feelings related to the loss, adjust to the reality of your loss, and move forward without your loved one.

Coping exercises

Your Mindful Urgent Care psychiatrist helps you learn proactive ways to take control of the situation when you’re getting overwhelmed by grief. Your coping exercises may include meditation and calming exercises.

Your treatment is just as unique as you are. The experienced team always puts your recovery and emotional wellness first.

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