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More than 15 million American adults live with alcoholism, also referred to as an alcohol use disorder. The team of experts at Mindful Urgent Care in West Hempstead and the Financial District in New York can help you overcome your disease and restore your healthy, active, and fulfilling life. Call Mindful Urgent Care or schedule an appointment online today if you're ready to start your journey toward sobriety.

Alcoholism and Substance Use Disorder Q & A

How we will help you with alcoholism and substance use

“Everyone was telling me I drank too much, and it was a bad look for a woman of thirty, but they didn’t understand that I couldn’t just stop. I didn’t drink because it was fun or because I didn’t want to take responsibility for my life. I drank because life sober had become unbearable and I didn’t know of any other way to keep myself from going mad. When I finally got help, I learned to replace alcohol with healthy coping skills.”

If you are struggling to cut down on or stop using alcohol and substances, we can help. At Mindful Urgent Care, our team of compassionate mental health professionals will provide you with treatment the very day you choose to ask for help. You will be invited in to a comfortable front office, with relaxing music and refreshments, helping you feel at ease while taking that all-important first step.

Your first visit

You will see a psychiatric medical provider on your first visit, who will assess and work with you to diagnose the problem. They will help you explore why you are using alcohol or substances, and work out a treatment plan personalized to suit your needs. This may include an intensive outpatient program, in which case we will refer you to individual therapy, as well as group therapy with our recovery program, Wolfpack. During outpatient treatment, you will be provided with all the support you need to get and stay sober or clean.

Co-occurring disorders

Alcoholism and substance use disorders often co-occur with other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. Your provider, as well as the mental health professionals who work with you during outpatient treatment, will work with you to identify any co-occurring disorders, and will prescribe the appropriate treatment. Without treating co-occurring disorders, you are at a higher risk of relapse.

Inpatient treatment

Your provider might recommend inpatient rehab, including detox if your body is still dependent on alcohol or substances. In this case, we will assist you in finding and entering an excellent rehab or detox center. During your inpatient rehab program, you will receive holistic treatment, group and individual therapy, and physical/occupational therapy. You will also receive treatment for any co-occurring disorders, with the appropriate medication and therapeutic solutions.

We’re with you all the way

If you begin outpatient treatment, you will have a follow-up appointment with your clinician two weeks later to assess how the treatment plan is progressing, followed by a further assessment a month later. By this point, any co-occurring illnesses should be stabilized, helping you to function at a more optimal level without the need for substances. You will continue with monthly follow-up visits to evaluate your progress and adjust medication if necessary. Through all of your challenges, setbacks, achievements, and victories, the team at Mindful Urgent Care will be by your side.

If you think you might be suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse, call Mindful Urgent Care or schedule a consultation online today.

What is alcoholism and substance abuse?

“I know I make bad decisions when I’m drunk. But when I go out with friends, I can’t stop myself from binge drinking. I get so drunk that I scare even my friends, and I’ve come close to hurting others in ways I’d never forgive myself for. Let’s not even begin to discuss my DUIs and arrests. I didn’t think I could get treatment, since I wasn’t drinking daily, but when my wife threw down the gauntlet, I asked for help and learned that my problem was real.”

Anyone who has tried unsuccessfully to cut down on their drinking or substance use may have a problem. Alcoholism and substance use disorder don’t seem problematic at first. Your drinking and use of substances might have started in a casual setting, and might still be limited to that setting. However, if they are causing problems in your life, or making it difficult for you to function, and you still can’t stop, you should seek treatment.

Alcoholism and substance use disorder are complex conditions, in that they have both physical and mental components. Your body becomes dependent on the substance, and needs it to function. When you go without it, you experience withdrawals which can be dangerous. You also become mentally dependent on the substance, using it to cope in place of healthy coping mechanisms.

Treating alcoholism and substance use disorder requires you to detox from the substance in a safe setting, as well as learning to avoid triggers and build emotional coping skills.

What causes alcoholism and substance use disorder?

No one chooses to become dependent on alcohol and substances. However, you may still feel guilty for “letting it happen,” and well-meaning friends and family members may blame you for it. But the causes of alcoholism and substance abuse are complex, and anyone can fall victim to it.

For some, substance abuse disorder stems from changes triggered in the brain by use of the substance. You might have realized that you started craving alcohol or drugs soon after you first used them, while friends could use them regularly without becoming dependent.

In other cases, substance abuse is a way to deal with intense emotions that feel unbearable. Many people suffering from substance abuse disorder are very sensitive, in that they feel their emotions very strongly and can empathize deeply with the pain of others. This sensitiveness makes you a better friend, family member, or partner, and it usually opens you up to more creativity. But it also makes it difficult to regulate emotions, and substance use can seem like the only solution.

It is also possible that alcohol or substances gave you confidence or other benefits that were initially helpful. Over time, however, your use of them became a problem, and you were no longer able to control your use.

How are alcoholism and substance use disorder treated?

Alcoholism and substance use disorder are treated differently depending on the individual. Some people require detox and inpatient rehab, while others do better with outpatient treatment.

Therapy is a necessary component, and it can take many forms, including 12-Step meetings. If you have co-occurring disorders, you will need to receive medication and therapeutic treatment to manage them.

Alcoholism and substance use disorder can have you believing your life is on the verge of disaster. However, with the right treatment at Mindful Urgent Care, you can get and stay clean and sober. You can soon get back on track towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.