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Paranoia and other psychotic disorders (i.e. schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder) include an individuals’ false or abnormal perception of reality. This can cause paranoia (feeling that others may be out to get you or are watching you), delusions (having strange beliefs about things that are not true), hallucinations (seeing, hearing, or smelling things that are not true), or disorganized thinking (difficulty completing thoughts, speaking correctly, or processing information).

Paranoia and/or psychotic disorders may be caused by genetic or environmental factors or may be brought upon by substance use or an intensely stressful or traumatic event, but can often be managed with antipsychotic medication.

“These types of disorders are particularly distressing for the individual, who strongly feel his or her beliefs are true. Treatment may therefore be involuntary and difficult. Allow Mindful to support you or your loved one in seeking help.” Mindful can also offer emotional support and group therapy to the individual and family suffering, as well as provide referrals to appropriate supportive resources for after-care. Call Mindful and be seen today.