Panic Disorder

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Panic disorder is when a person experiences frequent panic attacks, or a feeling of intense anxiety that is manifested in physical symptoms such as racing heart, sweaty palms, shortness of breath, and dizziness – sometimes similar to that of a heart attack. Although panic attacks are intensely uncomfortable, they are often in response to a nonexistent or perceived danger, and are in fact not an actual threat to health.

Individuals may experience a panic attack in their lifetime, however it is considered panic disorder when attacks are recurrent.

Panic attacks are often unwarranted, unexpected, and may occur at any time without warning. Panic disorder thus involves a fear simply of having a panic attack, since they can be detrimental to day to day functioning, work, or social situations. Panic disorder may be caused by a variety factors such as genetics, stressful situations, trauma, etc. Sometimes there is no specific cause. Treatment for panic disorder, however, is possible.

The team at Mindful is ready and able to help you to manage symptoms of panic disorder and restore your confidence in being able to live a fully functional life. Treatment may include medication management to address acute symptoms of panic, medication to take as needed when a panic attack may be coming on, and emotional support as well as group therapy to connect with others who may be suffering as well. Call Mindful and be seen TODAY.