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Grief can be described as the emotional experience that a person goes through after losing a loved one or having a significant life change. Grief is a normal part of healing and typically gets easier over time. When grief does not subside after more than a year and feelings of sadness or distress do not improve, this may be considered complicated grief. Complicated grief often interrupts a persons’ ability to function normally or return to regular life activities due to a preoccupation with thinking about the loss. Grief and complicated grief can both be treated with emotional support through loved ones and professionals, medication management to treat symptoms of depression that may be associated with grief, and support groups for others going through something similar.

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Conduct Disorder: Conduct disorder is a behavioral and mental health disorder in children and teens that can have serious consequences. A person with conduct disorder often has violent tendencies, difficulty following rules, and displays a lack of empathy or emotion toward others. Conduct disorder is said to be a precursor to antisocial personality disorder. Conduct disorder is diagnosed when the child or teens behavior of violence/disregard for others is pervasive and disrupts functioning i.e. at school, home, or in social settings. Children or teens with conduct disorder may present as irritable, have frequent tantrums, and have an inability to recognize the harm their behavior causes.

Conduct disorder is rare but serious. If you are concerned that your child might have conduct disorder, contact Mindful for a comprehensive assessment today. Treatment may include psychotherapy and medication management as well as behavioral skills training.