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A phobia can be described as an intense fear of something that does not pose an actual imminent risk or danger. It can be considered a form of anxiety that may produce physiological symptoms and discomfort that is often unexplained. Phobias are quite real to the individual who experiences them, and can be detrimental to ones’ ability to function in situations where the specific phobia may be present. Individuals with phobias often recognize their fear as ‘irrational,’ however still struggle to manage them. These phobias may be caused by past trauma, genetics, environment, or brain chemistry.

Mindful recognizes the real physical, emotional, and social impact of living with a phobia. We are here to help you to manage your phobia, provide medication management to ease some of the symptoms associated with phobias, and provide appropriate referrals for therapy and support groups for additional help coping. Call Mindful and be seen today.

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