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Mindful Urgent Care: Innovative New Approach for a Severe Societal Problem


For America's mental health crisis, numbers speak much louder than words. Over 130 people in the U.S. die every day after overdosing on opioids (National Institute on Drug Abuse.). But the opioid epidemic is just the tip of the mental health needs' iceberg: 43 million Americans suffer from a mental health condition, but 57 percent of adults have not been treated (Mental Health America). These numbers not only illustrate a devastating national problem, but also an urgent need for new, better appraoches to combat it – the very reason for the founding of Mindful Urgent Care.

The first and only New York clinic chain to provide same day in-network, high quality mental health services, we offer a completely streamlined process with same day appointments and with most insurance plans accepted. Treating mental illness will always be a daunting challenge, with treatment gaps likely to remain. But our health system can – and must – do much better than heretofore. And that's the vision behind, and mission of, Mindful Urgent Care.

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