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Evaluation Process:

We begin our learning and assessment process during our very first contact with you or your loved one. We conduct a thorough evaluation of everyone who arrives at Mindful by initially evaluating current symptoms and life-stressors affecting each patient.

From our very first phone call with the person needing treatment or their family member, we gather information. Our Case Specialists will lead a comprehensive evaluation process in which they work to ensure that Mindful Urgent Care can meet a patient’s needs and our services are an appropriate fit. Case specialists also determine which of our programs are the most appropriate as some patients benefit from medication management, therapy, or both. Our evaluation assesses key details including:

  • Mental Health History
  • Substance Use History
  • Family Structure And Issues
  • Hospitalization History
  • Medical History
  • Surgical History
  • Trauma and Abuse History
  • Current Medications and Allergies
  • Legal Issues
  • Career And Education

Our comprehensive evaluation also includes extensive blood work to evaluate any organic causes affecting a patient’s mental health and/or addiction. Our belief is that patients need to be examined holistically as symptoms are a result of many things and each patient is a unique individual.

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