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Addiction and depression is becoming common among older adults.

Addiction in older adults is among America’s fastest growing health problems. Today, 2.5 million older adults have an alcohol or substance issue. Widowers 75+ are at the greatest risk for alcoholism in the U.S., and older adults are hospitalized as regularly for alcohol related issues as heart-attacks.

Specialized Mental Health & Addiction Care For Older Adults

Our success is based on the family focused approach to addiction treatment and recovery. Our full time, on site, highly credentialed staff and powerful, comprehensive rehab programs meet patients at their level.

We’re uniquely skilled to assist families and individuals begin the rehab process. Our unparalleled addiction treatment programs are proven successful.

Addiction in older adults maybe hard to identify, often indications mimic common symptoms of aging. Warning signs may include insomnia, forgetfulness along or other typical age related health problems.

Individualized Treatment Is The Most Successful

Treatment is not one size fits all because every person is different. Using this approach, we meet older adults where they are and help them improve their mental health and lifestyle.

Our holistic approach to care will also address physical, cognitive and other medical concerns. This creates a true picture of greater wellness. Get your life back! 

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