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Recovery from mental health conditions often require multiple types of treatment, it’s a road back to recovery and Mindful Urgent Care will help you develop a map to navigate your recovery.

There is no singular treatment that works for everyone – at Mindful Urgent Care individuals can chose the treatment, or combination of treatments, that works best.

  • Medication– In many patients, medication is used to stabilize a patient so that they can begin their treatment. Medication often gives the fastest relief of symptoms, easing patients out of crisis and allowing them to focus on further treatment.
  • Case Management– Case management coordinates services for an individual with the help of a case manager. A case manager can help assess, plan, and implement a number of strategies to facilitate recovery.
  • Treatment Support Groups– A treatment support group is a group meeting where members guide each other towards the shared goal of recovery. Support groups are often comprised of nonprofessionals, but peers that have suffered from similar experiences.
  • Self Help Plan– A self-help plan is a unique health plan where an individual addresses his or her condition by implementing strategies that promote wellness. Self-help plans may involve addressing wellness, recovery, triggers or warning signs.
  • Peer Support – Peer Support refers to receiving help from individuals who have suffered from similar experiences.
  • Referrals to Additional Services – In some cases, Mindful Urgent Care will need to refer patients to additional help. We work with some of the most reputable organizations in mental health, including hospitals, in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation programs.

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