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Get help and support coping with infertility and pregnancy loss. Call Mindful today at 516-505-7200.

Infertility, or an inability to get pregnant, affects millions of Americans each year. It is a condition that comes with a variety of emotional implications and can impact relationships, quality of life, and mood. If you are dealing with infertility, or if you recently experienced a loss of pregnancy, Mindful wants to help. We can provide emotional support and psychotherapy as well as help link you to resources that can help with coping such as support groups, or with referrals to fertility specialists. Mindful can also help with managing symptoms associated with infertility or loss of pregnancy, such as depression and anxiety, with individualized medication management, as needed.

Mindful recognizes the sensitivity of fertility issues and loss of pregnancy, and we want to be the first to offer our support. Call today.

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