Understanding After Care Services


At Mindful Urgent Care, we know that quality care to overcome mental health issues are may take some time. We are here to provide you the support that you need.

Mental health conditions may require additional visits to multiple providers. This may include referrals to additional services as well as group sessions in our facility.

The Mindful Urgent Care staff guides you through and after your visit. We facilitate your treatment program by helping to coordinate insurance company billing, referrals, pre-approvals and other follow-up appointments.

Exceptional Aftercare Services:

Our Aftercare team provides the help you need to ensure continued care. Staff will arrange any of the following treatment you require after your visit with us:

  • Relaying lab results
  • Assisting with specialist and follow up appointments
  • Answering your care questions
  • Completing patient forms
  • Generating work notes
  • Assisting with authorizations for medications and advanced testing

Our Aftercare specialists will find the best specialist for your follow-up care. We can connect you to a skilled specialist who takes your insurance.

We have guided hundreds of families seeking treatment for the first time or who have unsuccessfully treated in the past. Mindful Urgent Care’s holistic rehab programs are completely tailored to 18-24 year olds. Our goal is to help you move out of addiction, rediscover your purpose, and excel at recovery.

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