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Welcome Message from the Mindful Urgent Care Medical Doctor

Taking the Hard Out of the Process

Dear Friends:
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Time is a precious commodity when dealing with mental illness and addiction. Yet many mental illness sufferers find the waiting time is far too long – often 4-6 weeks – before they can even see a psychiatrist and get the treatment they so badly need. To compound problems, many also find that doctors and health providers are out of their health insurance networks.

Dealing with mental health challenges is hard enough for people, so the last thing they need is for the health system to make things still harder

Mindful Urgent Care is all about taking that hard out of the process by making things as easy as possible for patients through a streamlined service with no appointments needed for same-day treatment, and with most insurance plans accepted. Once you come through our doors seeking care, we want you to put your time and energy into what matters most: getting better so you can once again be whole.


Ram Pardeshi, MD
Medical Director

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