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Mindful Urgent Care is endeavoring to be the first same day/next day psychiatric clinic in New York and Long Island. Our services are provided “in-network” and we are currently accepting patients ages 12 and up.

We want to make psychiatry accessible when patients are in need. Patients in crisis are often told that they must wait 4-6 weeks to see a psychiatrist. We are available on the day that patients seek help so that they can start treatment immediately.

Referring to Mindful:

To refer a client to Mindful Urgent Care, please email (take a picture and send it to us) a referral form so that we can expect your client’s call. We will then ask your client to sign a HIPAA release so that we can collaborate care with you.

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For your clients’ convenience, our West Hempstead and Chelsea offices are now open Monday – Friday; we offer late appointments so that patients do not have to leave work or school to be seen. We will be expanding to 7 days a week in the near future.

Prescription Policy:

Mindful Urgent Care has a commitment to prescribing medications safely. The addiction and health risks associated with taking controlled substances are greater than the benefits, therefore we prescribe healthier, non-addictive, alternatives. We are here to help patients that want to discontinue controlled medications by prescribing safe tapers as they transition to a new regimen.

Referrals to you from Mindful:

We are currently seeking a referral network of therapists and psychologists that would accept our patients for ongoing therapy. If you are accepting new clients, please let us know and send us some business cards that we may give to our patients.

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