The Backstory Behind Mindful Urgent Care

How did Mindful Urgent Care come about? It all started with a team of students at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business who wanted to address the need for quality mental health care that was easy to access and affordable.

Dr. Ram Pardeshi, M.D. practices psychiatry on Long Island and observed the alarming need for a place like Mindful firsthand. One case in particular stands out: the death by suicide of a young female college student that Pardeshi assessed in the emergency department, who did not meet criteria for inpatient admission and whose follow-up appointment was several weeks away. He shared this heartbreaking story alongside his team of eight classmates during their presentation at Booth’s Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC), which is described as “a top-ranked business launch program designed to help students turn their ideas into viable companies.”

Pardeshi and his team tied for first place in the competition among twelve teams, making it possible to turn their vision into a reality. Mindful boasts a multi-disciplinary team staffed by experts in mental health including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, backed by a team of business experts including market strategists and finance professionals to ensure Mindful is reaching the optimal number of consumers and making a large-scale impact, Pardeshi and his teams’ vision for the facility. Mindful Urgent care plans to expand its services to New York City in the future.

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Mindful Urgent Care Opens in Manhattan

Mindful Urgent Care is proud to announce the opening of our second location in Manhattan, New York. Located in the heart of Chelsea / NoMad, Mindful is ready to provide a much-needed service to NYC dwellers.

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