Mindful Opens to Address Long Islands Opioid Epidemic

It would be impossible to discuss the need for quality mental health care on Long Island without addressing the opioid epidemic. Long Island has been hit hard by addiction and overdoses stemming from prescription painkillers to heroin and fentanyl, a synthetic opioid.

The impact of opioid use on the Island cannot be understated. According to Newsday, “Law enforcement and medical examiner officials estimate that 600 people on the Island died last year from overdoses, up from the previous record high of 555 in 2016.” This includes individuals as young as twelve years old, to middle-class families and business professionals in corporate settings.

There is no face of this epidemic, but one thing is certain: it cannot be ignored. Mindful recognizes that fact. Dr. Ram Pardeshi, Mindful’s medical director, states, “We are excited to offer this service to Long Island. Almost every day there is news about addiction; it’s a massive problem, and we are an option for people to start their road to recovery.” It is clear that Long Island needs more resources for individuals looking to get help for addiction.

Long Island Community Foundation outlines Long Island’s top needs to begin to address this crisis, including: “services that function as a bridge from opiate overdose to full blown treatment, and additional recovery centers.” Mindful is one of those services. They can offer same day assessments, medication to ease the difficult symptoms associated with withdrawal, and follow-up psychiatric care to support the individual in their sobriety. Mindful’s team of experts seeks to offer individuals suffering from addiction a safe and easy place to turn.

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