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Anorexia, or Anorexia Nervosa, is an eating disorder characterized by extreme weight loss due to restriction of caloric intake or extreme efforts to rid the body of calories (through exercise, purging, or laxatives), extreme fear of weight gain, difficulty maintaining an appropriate weight for given height/age, and distorted body image (believing an individual is significantly larger than they are). Anorexia can impact people of all ages, genders, and social groups – there is no singular image of someone with anorexia. Symptoms typically begin around adolescence but can emerge during childhood or adulthood as well. Anorexia can lead to a variety of health concerns such as hair loss, amenorrhea (loss of periods in females), dizziness, gastrointestinal concerns, abnormal bloodwork, sleep issues, hair growth on the body, dental issues, etc. Anorexia can be life threatening if not treated.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for, according to the National Eating Disorders website:

  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Dresses in layers to hide weight loss or stay warm
  • Is preoccupied with weight, food, calories, fat grams, and dieting
  • Refuses to eat certain foods, progressing to restrictions against whole categories of food (e.g., no carbohydrates, etc.)
  • Makes frequent comments about feeling “fat” or overweight despite weight loss
  • Develops food rituals (e.g., eating foods in certain orders, excessive chewing, rearranging food on a plate)
  • Resists or is unable to maintain a body weight appropriate for their age, height, and build
  • Has intense fear of weight gain or being “fat,” even though underweight
  • Has disturbed experience of body weight or shape, undue influence of weight or shape on self-evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of low body weight

The road to recovery for an individual with anorexia is not always an easy one. It can take several travels through the recovery process before it sticks. Mindful is here to help support you or your loved one during the early stages of this process.

We are here to provide emotional support, resources for treatment centers, and medication that may be required to treat co-occurring symptoms or disorders associated with anorexia.